Social Networking

What’s hot and what’s not? The new buzz word on the internet is “Web 2.0”. It stands for the new sort of internet web pages that were created after the big internet bubble exploded. One of these web 2.0 websites are the social networking sites. These sites are the ones where you can make your own profile, with al kinds of information about yourself. This could be hobby’s, films, photo’s, video’s, books, etc. You can find and invite friends to be your friend on that site. This way the site will connect most “friends” with each other. Sometimes these sites concentrate only on one sort of content, for example ‘Video’ on Youtube and ‘Photo’s’ on Flickrr. These Web 2.0 websites are based on user generated content. The ones I found are: Myspace | Hyves | Facebook | Friendster | Piczo | Bebo | Liveyournal | Vizami (dutch) | | Xanga | Hi5 | Flickr | Classmates | Schoolbank (dutch) |

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