Fridge Magnets

While i was surfing the internet i found a cool online application Flash. It’s based on an oldschool family toy: FRIGDE MAGNETS, see this link for creating your own words with other people who are online (real temporary art). Check this link for making your fridge magnet message in an e-mail message. It’s like a cool way to communicate.
Just like a link i have found a few years ago, “letter james“.

OpenSource alternatives for Photoshop and Illustrator

I’m a big fan and regular user of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Still on some occasions/places you don’t have this software and you don’t want to buy it right then. There is an solution for this problem: it’s “OpenSource software”, you can use it freely and you can install it on your machine very easy.The only problem is that you will have to find out how the program works and look for the regular tasks like cropping or resizing. Still nowadays you can use a PC or Mac without any puchase of any software. And this is something that will grow even more in the following years.

The program that I found for doing the same tasks as in Photoshop is Gimp. The program that I found for Illustrator is Inkscape.

The only disadvantage that I found in Gimp was that in Gimp the Windows are not grouped in one taskbar button but have a button for every window that you open. Maybe this is something they will adjust in the future.

Apple iPhone deviceid

For the people who have and Apple Iphone and need their deviceID of their phone and iTunes won’t provide this directly, I found out that you can find this id by going to the following folder on their PC: C:/Users/XX_username_XX/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/Lockdown. I don’t know what the path is on a mac. Buth i’m sure you can find it in the same way.

IE6 and IE7 on Windows Vista

I’m running Vista on my laptop for work. For testing older versions of browsers I would use MultipleIEs ( But the problem was that this program would not run properly on Vista. So I began searching for another option to test an older version of IE. Well for this I found a solution in software from Microsoft (for free). They have a virtual machine called virtualPC ( and with that they have a available image which is valid till January first at After this period I don’t know what Microsoft will do. We will see.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Logo-ThunderbirdI’ve always used Outlook Express on my own pc at home. Reasons: familiar, easy to use and the real reason, Hotmail support. A few years ago, I looked at some alternatives, but after a few days I got back with Outlook Express. About 2 months ago I finally made the decision to move to Thunderbird. This Mozilla based Email client is Outlook Express+++. You can use most email systems like Gmail, hotmail (requires webmail add-on), pop3 and imap. You can download add-ons to tweak al kinds of options. For example: you can embed a calendar in Thunderbird and sync it with Google calendar.The only small thing I’m missing in Outlook Express is the font-size selection. If anyone know’s a add-on out there that ads this functionality. Send me n email.

Content mashup

I don’t know if you are familiar with the term web2.0. It’s about using the content that’s already on the web. This webcontent you can use and merge with other content to produce new content. I recently found out a new tool from Yahoo. It’s called pipes. You can get any kind of data and organize it the way you want. Usualy it’s published in a xml/rss feed. For example a guy made a mashup from Flickr and newssite). He combined the words that were used in the title of the newsitem and link this with photo’s from Flickr.

I produced a little example of a mashup with traffic information and speedcamera’s on pipes. This is from the road i’m driving every day from work to home (the A4). It’s based on this one.