Raspberry Pi Camera (Mac)

Recently I ordered a Raspberry Pi camera module and I going to share the some I made for getting the camera and the Pi working for me. The Hardware I have is a Mac (OS version 10.9 – Mavericks), a Raspberry Pi module B 2012 and a Raspberry Pi Camera Module v3.

Connecting and installing the camera

Follow the steps on http://www.raspberrypi.org/camera. Don’t forget to use the connector behind the Ethernet port and not the other one.

Next up http://www.derkbraakman.com/connecting-with-a-remote-desktop-vnc-debian-wheezy/

Trakt.tv – movies you and your friends have seen

When I was searching for the best app for keeping track of my watched movies/series I found trakt.tv to be the best one. Months ago I already started adding movies that I wanted to see on imdb.com. But this was not a very nice listing system for keeping track of my movies I wanted to see or have seen. I’ve also looked at a similar service called follw.it, but I think the interface is less cool.

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IKEA Asks Volunteers To Help Them Move Their Store

IKEA moved its store location in Bergen, Norway, and they decided to ask for volunteers to help with the opening to engage with the community. Creativity reports that the agency SMFB used press, outdoor, banner ads, and social media to call them to action. Volunteers could sign up on its website to do favors such as making a speech during the opening, assisting the mayor at the ceremony, planting the first tree outside the entrance, hosting the customer radio, etc.

Rent a boat (price comparison) – Amsterdam

I was looking up on where I could rent a small boat in Amsterdam to boat through the canals. So I ranked the company’s on price and made an overview. Of course their is a difference in type of boats (it’s based on a 6 pers. boat). You have to see for yourself on what kind of ride you want :)