IF This Then That – Twitter to LinkedIN

Recently I came across an intresting webservice called IFTTT. In short: “They connect webservices like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc”. More on how it works is on their website http://ifttt.com/wtf.

An example :: Twitter -> LinkedIN:

A good example is a connection that Twitter broke a few months ago. They didn’t want LinkedIN to offer to import every Tweet you where sending out (because they want you to consume Tweets on their website or apps). An alternative for importing Tweets into LinkedIN is IFTTT. They have build a connection between the two, based on their API’s.

You can copy created connections from other users on IFTTT easily. So here is the Twitter to LinkedIN connections which imports Tweets with “#in” mentioned in your Tweet: http://ifttt.com/recipes/49121.

You can browse and copy other popular connections here. Like Instagram -> DropBox or Facebook Profile Photo update -> Twitter Profile Photo update.

Next to IFTTT their is also WeWiredWeb as an alternative for IFTTT. Their still in beta (invite only) and their layout is not as slick as IFTTT.


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