How to Rip a DVD to harddisk and make a ‘.avi’ from it

What do you have to do to extract a dvd to your harddrive.

  1. If you have a protected DVD you can download dvddecrypter and install it.
  2. Decypt your DVD to your local harddisk.
  3. Download the program called Staxrip and install, it’s a opensource tool.
  4. Take the .vob files from the dvd directory and convert them to .avi files(Xvid codec).
  5. if you start the conversion the program will ask to install some extra conversion tools when you select to convert, these are all for the good purpose. I usually convert my movies to Xvid-codec-avi. This is widely used, so no problem for everyone to play on there pc.

Good luck and no converting of any illigal stuff…

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