Raspberry Pi Camera (Mac)

Recently I ordered a Raspberry Pi camera module and I going to share the some I made for getting the camera and the Pi working for me. The Hardware I have is a Mac (OS version 10.9 – Mavericks), a Raspberry Pi module B 2012 and a Raspberry Pi Camera Module v3.

Connecting and installing the camera

Follow the steps on http://www.raspberrypi.org/camera. Don’t forget to use the connector behind the Ethernet port and not the other one.

Next up http://www.derkbraakman.com/connecting-with-a-remote-desktop-vnc-debian-wheezy/

Trakt.tv – movies you and your friends have seen

When I was searching for the best app for keeping track of my watched movies/series I found trakt.tv to be the best one. Months ago I already started adding movies that I wanted to see on imdb.com. But this was not a very nice listing system for keeping track of my movies I wanted to see or have seen. I’ve also looked at a similar service called follw.it, but I think the interface is less cool.

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